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Positive Parenting: What are the Skills and Techniques of Positive Parenting?

Do you know? How Positive Parenting helps to build a bond between you and your child?

Our continual presence in our children’s lives is more worthy than any other presents they could receive ever.

There is a famous quote by Anthony Witham,

“Too much love never spoils children. Children become spoiled when we substitute presents for presence.” 

Children love to receive presents on their birthdays and other occasions. But parent’s continual presence in their children’s life means a lot to them than any other gift they receive ever.

Before going into the details about What Positive Parenting is?

We need to know our role as a Parent.

Are we substitute our presence with Children by giving presents?

When we, as a parent, show unconditional love and support to our young ones, then it builds a strong bond between the parents and their children. 

The bond between parents and their children begins at birth. And it continues to develop as the child grows older. To make the bond stronger, parents need to be responsive to meet the needs of their children and be present.

Parenting is all about teaching a child how to live a purposeful, confident life by exploring their true potential and making them effective without the fear of being judged by others.

Positive Parenting means showing children to lead a stress-free life, empowering to build self-esteem, nurturing of being nonabusive to self and others, teaching positive discipline, spending our time, listening to them uninterruptedly, helping them to set their goals for the future, making parenting a joyful journey.

Here are some skills and techniques of Positive Parenting that will help to give more insights:

Stress Management: It is important to teach your child to manage stress in a critical situation, so as to handle the situation comfortably. Any kind of physical exercise and meditation will help to manage stress in a better way. If we allow ourselves to be unresponsive to manage stress, it may lead to long-lasting physical and psychological issues in the future.

Building self-esteem: Parents who are dealing with the consequences of their children’s tantrums based on positive reinforcement, not a punishable offense, helping their children to feel more connected. It develops a sense of belongingness that helps them to build their self-esteem.

Nurturing of being nonabusive to self and others: When a child feels secured and is nurtured with compassion and care, becomes nonabusive to self as well as to others.

Teaching positive discipline: Positive discipline emphasizes a house to do all the things in a very well mannered way, so as to remain peaceful and happy in every aspect of living daily life.

Why is Positive Parenting:

In order to do Positive Parenting, a set of rules to be implemented and to be followed by each and every member of the house. These rules help the kids to understand the expectations and help them to develop self-control. And being consistent with the rules is essential for everyone.

Relationship skills: As you maintain the relationship with others, you are expected to keep your little ones to others as well. So, to get success in it, you are to be the model of maintaining a healthy relationship with others.

Showing respect to other religions: Unity in Diversity. We should respect every religion. As every religion teaches us to believe in the power of Almighty. And helps us to live in harmony. If we implant this in our children, they’ll become more social.

Spending “we” time: Kids want their parents’ attention. Create “we” time for you with your little ones. And let the kids decide how to go about it. Make yourself available when your kids desire to talk. Set a fixed time to spend with your little ones at least for half an hour on a daily basis. Be consistent at the same time, so that your children can look forward to it.

Listening to your kids attentively: Be an active listener when you are with your child. Listen to them without judging them. Keep your gadgets away that helps to save yourself from destruction. Pay attention as much as you can to their nonverbal cues. Keep your solutions apart. While listening, acknowledge and validate their feelings. Behave with your kids as a model that you want to display. 

Setting a goal: In order to provide a futuristic plan, you need to point out the obstacles and challenges to your kids, that help them to be resilient. Teach your child to be a lifelong learner, to give value to education to enrich them for opportunities in the future.

Praising your child: When your child behaves well or does something for a good cause, be open and praise them with honesty. It will help them to unfold to the society that to keep it secret won’t work on it. The more you become open to them, the more desire they’ll have to repeat doing the same again and again. You should notice it with care.

Be empathetic: If your child is facing any challenge and comes to you for a solution, make sure that you don’t need to be judgemental at that moment. You are to handle the situation with an understanding from your child’s viewpoint and to keep yourself apart. Once you become judgemental, you are not able to understand your child’s feelings or pain or vulnerability and that will make you fail to build a strong connection to draw the solutions for that particular problem.
Positive Parenting brings calm and peace

How Positive Parenting works:

Be focused on the emotions of your child while undergoing the situation rather than make yourself involved with the disagreements about their behavior in response to the situation. Communicate with them with full understanding so as to help them to clarify the misunderstandings if any. It reduces the confusion in its turn. If you feel the situation as your children do, they’ll develop to be empathetic with true understanding.

Is Positive Parenting worth:

To summarise all, positive parenting builds confidence, shapes personality, increases self-esteem, helps to overcome being introvert, builds interpersonal skills, hones their leadership traits, and most importantly makes them ready for their successful future.

Finally, I like to tell you that the above-mentioned skills and techniques are the proven strategies that help many parents to overcome their challenges when it comes to parenting. If you apply it all, you’ll set an example for the well-being of your children develop and help them to live a healthy life. 

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