Hey! This is Papiya Bhattacharya

I am a Certified Content Writer from ECT, Delhi, India. A passionate and self-driven individual, willing to contribute to society through words, I have been in this industry for the last few months.

My journey as a content writer started when I joined Planet Spark as a coach for public speaking and creative writing. Here, I have committed to unlock the true potential in children and make them effective and outstanding speakers without the fear of being judged by others. And to give more value to this journey, bring me to the platform, as a Content Writer.

I have accomplished more than 80% success growth in bringing changes among children who enrolled for the course, are able to overcome their fear and to hone their leadership traits by involving themselves performing in various live platforms like Podcast channels, Ted talk, Youtubing, etc.

In addition to that I am  well experienced in digital marketing through the digital marketing internship program where I acquired the skills mentioned below:

  • WordPress Blog Set up
  • Mastery over Social Media and Networking
  • How to generate the Leads
  • Email Marketing
  • Run Ads through Facebook and Google
  • SEO optimisation
  • Deep Marketing Automation

Prior to that, I was working for various educational Institutes for more than 10+ years as a teacher where I have been mostly involved to bring self Discipline in Children and giving wings to their imagination through her creative and interactive Teaching-Learning Method.   

I am M.Sc.in Ecology and Environmental Science and B.Ed.

My hobby is reading and gardening as nature boosts me to learn more and more by observing the changes around.

This is all about me

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